Present perfect with just, already and yet

Learn and review GRAMMAR about the Present perfect with just, already and yet at B1 Intermediate level, with our free and interactive online exercises.

We can use the present perfect to talk about the recent past.

Use present perfect with just in positive statements to say that something happened a very short time ago.
just comes before the past participle in the sentence.
We also use just in present perfect questions.

A Has she just left?

B No, she went a few hours ago.

The present perfect with already in positive statements shows that something is complete, often before we expected. Already usually comes before the past participle.
We also use already in present perfect questions to show surprise.

Have you already done all your work?

Use present perfect with yet:
• in a negative statement to show that something is not complete.
• in a question to ask if something is complete.
yet comes at the end of the sentence.

Don’t use a past time expression (e.g. five minutes ago, last week) with the present perfect. Change to the past simple to talk about the time when something happened:
Eu‘ve already seen this film. I saw it last week.
NOT I’ve already seen this film last week.

Now practice with our interactive exercise on Present perfect with just, already and yet:


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