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English Programme for Schools and Higher Education

Take your school, institute, university, etc., to the next level!

Nowadays, institutions that offer English courses as a foreign language seek competitiveness and added value in order to make a difference, by offering innovation and the highest standards. This, as a result, increases the demand for it.

LANGCOM for Schools will allow your institution to offer a solid English programme to your students, that will set it apart in relation to other alternatives, and at affordable prices.

students learn English with LANGCOM for Schools

LANGCOM for Schools aims to implement a solid English program with guaranteed results and great benefits for students, teachers, educational institution and community.

This program differs greatly from traditional proposals, and conforms to the following laws, decrees and standards:

  • Ministry of Education guidelines
  • The educational laws of SUNEDU and MINEDU, such as the General Education Law No. 28044 (Peru)
  • The National Curriculum
  • The Common European Framework for Languages (CEFR), adopted by the Ministry of Education nationwide, for primary, secondary and higher education
  • Initiatives of educational institutions in offering innovative, quality and highly differentiated services in their proposals for teaching English

Our proposal, in summary, offers the following:

  • Student’s course, physical or online, from A1 to B2 level
  • Access to online web platform and offline Android application (does not use your internet plan once downloaded)
  • Placement test
  • Teacher training in the use and application of the LANGCOM for Schools program
  • FREE English and methodology classes for Teachers
  • 50% discount for preparation to take the Cambridge exam for teachers
  • LANGCOM certificate for students and teachers
  • International Cambridge English exam for students, accepted by universities, companies, ministries, etc., around the world.

And due to the latest world events caused by COVID-19, in which classes at all levels have been interrupted, our online proposal is a great option to retake and recover the missed classes and continue to have them at a distance.

The English Solution for Your Students, All Along the Way

LANGCOM for Schools Programme Plans


Proposal based on sessions of 1-3 academic hours per week. Program to be applied in the institution with a minimum of 100 students. Taking the Cambridge exam requires a minimum of candidates per exam. Prices do not include IGV.

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